Thursday, November 18, 2010

its who i am.

i am annie lawrence, 
and i. 
bite my fingers nails 
and swear too much, 
fear change,
cry everyday. 
can be selfish,
and i am very stubborn.
 can't play a musical instrument, 
and have no artist ability.
 hate to exercise,
and hate to wear my hair in a pony tail.

i am annie lawrence 
and i. 
have the greatest family
and wonderful friends.
have a testimony that keeps me going, 
and a personality that no else has. 
have big dimples, 
and long eye lashes. 
am a smart girl, 
and have confidence in myself. 
love to serve others, 
and look at the good in things.

i am annie lawrence
and i like the girl that i am.


  1. If only more people were good with how they are. The world would be much better. I like you Annie!


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