Sunday, November 14, 2010

the most wonderful time of year.

my favorite day of the whole year is quickly approaching. 
november 21; my birthday. 
i'm not sure why i have such a love for this day, 
it just happens.

perhaps its the many memories i have from incredible birthdays. 
for instance: 

year 7: i celebrated with a party at peter piper pizzas. all my best friends came. 
year 8: i was baptized. 
year 9: i had a "late night" slumber party, we wore our jammys and played games. 
year 10: my mommy took me and a friend to build-a-bear. 
year 11: started my shopping tradition with mommy
year 12: i entered young womens. 
year 13: i celebrated my entering teen birthday in new york city with my mommy. we saw wicked, and ate cheesecake and went to the empire state building. best birthday ever. 
year 14: i had a small birthday party
year 15: i recieved my permit. celebrated with my best friend jessie. 
year 16: i went on my first date with zackery. another best birthday ever. 
year 17: celebrated with a lunch date, and dinner with friends. 
year 18: taking the day and going to the gateway with meg. we are having a joint birthday celebration. 

every birthday includes: a family dinner, my choice of where. shopping with my mommy. birthday cards from the grandparents.

i'm very excited for my birthday.

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