Tuesday, November 2, 2010

off to neverland.

i have come to the conclusion:

i am going to neverland. first star to the left straight on to morning. with one foot in adulthood and the other in childhood, i feel like i am straddling a double lifestyle. i got accepted to college, and yet my room looks like it belongs to a five year old girl. i am turning 18 in a few short weeks, but i feel like i am still 12 years old. a part of me wants to grow up and the other part of me wants to stay a little girl forever.

with the option of neverland, i can stay a child forever. perhaps i will find me a nice lost boy or a pirate or even an indian and we can play house for the rest of our lives. i won't have to make grown up decisions. the real world is quickly approaching and to be honest, i'm not sure i am ready for it.

but on the other hand, i am excited for my grown up decisions. within the next year, i will be moving out and living on my own. that is an adventure in itself. marriage, family, career are just around the corner. what could be more exciting? oh, yes coloring is just as exciting.

ready or not, life is coming. i'm just a little nervous.

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