Sunday, December 19, 2010

a little christmas spirit

when did christmas become more about presents 
than the birth of our Savior? 
i've been asking myself that question alot these days.
with everyone running around like a crazy person, 
i feel like over half of them have lost the real point of christmas. 
true, you may want to find the perfect gift, 
but it doesn't necessarily have to be purchased from a store.

i won't lie
its hard working in retail during the holidays.
the long hours are causing a lack of sleep.
 resulting in me being a grinch most days.

that changes today.
to help get in the christmas spirit
i wore this:
 a christmas sweater.
church was just what i needed,
the christmas program.
many sang christmas carols
as the story of our dear Saviors birth
was read from the scriptures.
i am much happier today,
and i remember what christmas is all about.
being with family and friends,
and serving those you love.

so to you, i say, merry christmas!

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