Friday, December 24, 2010

long lasting tradition

christmas eve: 
by far the best holiday celebrated in the lawrence household. 
its been around ever since my mom was a little girl. 
filled with us a gourmet meal 
and lots of laughs.  
our day goes something like this. 
8:00-12:00: we awake and hang out around the house. eat breakfast, watch some television.
12:00-4:30- we go see a movie. 
5:00-7:00: we all help in preparing dinner. 
fresh crab legs, and shrimp
fondu with steak and chicken bites,
caesar salad and rolls, 
twice baked potatoes, 
and sparkling cider.
for dessert:
fresh chocolate chip cookies, 
ice cream 
and hot fudge on top.
table settings:
we use our christmas china
that belonged to my moms grandmother.
7:30-8:00: we eat, eat, and eat.
8:00-8:30: clean up the dishes 
8:30-8:40: open christmas jammies. nothing better than new jammies.
8:45: we gather round the televison and watch white christmas.
11:00: we say our goodnights and go to our seperate living quarters until the next morning.

by far the best holiday. 
there is nothing i love more than this night
with the people i love the most.

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