Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a love story

once upon a time, in a land not so far away, lived a boy and a girl. this is not the story of their meeting, but its a story that changed the two forever.

it was a brisk evening in november, the girl had spent all afternoon at the boys house. when the evening rolled around, they decided to relax and watch a movie. when the two had chosen to watch a scary movie, they would have to go out an rent one. they got into his car, he opened the door for her, what a gentleman. they made their way to blockbuster and went to the horror section. romantic right? with it being the day after Halloween, all the good selections were gone, so they settled on a movie that sounded scary.

as the two headed back to his house, the girl had butterflies in her stomach. everyday with him was new and exciting, she had never felt the way she did, and she could never stop thinking about him.

they sat down on the couch, his arms wrapped around her and she found herself melting into him. she was safe and comfortable being so close to him. the boy started tickling her arm and than he did something he'd never done before. he picked up her hand and slowly brought it to his lips and lightly kissed her. her heart starting pounding and she just smiled. she knew a real kiss was approaching, when she felt his hand lightly on her jaw, and than he got close to her face, looked her in the eyes, slowly pulled her in, and than it happened. she felt his soft lips on hers. it was all in slow motion. she felt the blood rushing through her body, and the butterflies were uncontrollable. it was a kiss with meaning, that keeps you on your toes. he pulled away looked at her again with a grin, and than kissed her one more time.
she couldn't focus on the movie from that point on. her mind was reallying. she could tell that her life was about to change. she knew deep inside of herself, the boy was something special. she could feel what every girl dreams of feeling, she was falling in love with this boy.

and from that moment on the two lived happily ever after.


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