Thursday, December 30, 2010

old school

i have just discovered these fantastic pictures:

 my daddy, i believe he is on his mission
notice the picture of my momma in the background.

my momma when she was around my age.

and my daddy when he was a senior.

my parents: 
they were high school sweethearts.
they met in geometry.
my daddy was a junior
and my momma was a sophomore.
it was love at first site. 

my momma waited for my dad.
she even had a shirt that said
"i'm waiting for ken"

two months after he got from his mission 
they were engaged.
it was thanksgiving weekend.

married four months after that.
 in march of 1980

happily married thirty years later. 

they are my inspiration 
i believe in true love
because of them. 

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