Saturday, January 15, 2011

all because two people fell in love

day 3: my parental units

i recently blogged about my parents click here to read more about them-that just talks about their love story. when i tell people about my parents, i refer them to the couple on the notebook, so incredibly in love, they have the perfect marriage. without fail, friday night is date night for the two. its been that way forever.

sherie: i refer to her as mommy, she is my best friend. being the youngest, i got to spend a lot of time with her growing up while my siblings were at school. i love to run errands with her. mommy has a very big heart. she takes on a lot of projects which include: we did foster care for new borns for two years which that inspired her to open her own adoption agency. mommy has a passion for giving babies a new life. the cool thing about her agceny, she would only place african american babies because they are harder to place for adoption. plus they are adorable. oh right, she also went to ghana africa for two weeks to help set up an international program through the orphanages for her adoption agency, in which she has gotten four children a home in america. currently, her project is teaching- she graduated with a degree in early childhood education, taught kindergarten when she was first married and is now going back to teaching. she just finished renewing her teaching certificate and is subbing all of the time. and on top of all that, she is a mommy and takes care of us lawrences. as you can see, she is a lovely person. i like her a lot.

ken: i call him daddy. he is a hard working man and i admire him more everyday. he is smart and confident. pretty sure this man is hilarious- i learn my sarcasm from him.he works for the church in a programming company. he could create a program from start to finish in just a few days it seems like. it amazes me. he served his mission in australia. he calls me pumpkin, i like that a lot. when ever mommy goes out of town for business, we party. he likes to take me out to dinner and have daddy/daughter dates. daddys testimony amazes me and he gives me faith that one day mine can be as strong as his. he teaches me more about the gosple than anyone-infact he is a gospel doctrine teacher, not to mention he was a bishop for a byu singles ward. he is smitten with mommy, and is a fantastic gift giver. he doesn't enlist in the help of his daughters. should. he is the most selfless man i know. he enjoys hunting with my brother and doggies. and fly fishing. he loves war movies and books-he could be a history teacher if he wanted to. he too is a lovely person.

i have delightful parents.

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