Sunday, January 2, 2011

holiday snippets.

i like my new purple vans. 
my lovely sister gave them to me. 

i may have gotten pulled over- i didn't come to a "complete" stop. or so the cop said.
oh wait its because he thought i was some druggie.

i worked long hours. i'm patiently waiting for my paycheck.
i deserve something new.

these are my christmas jammies. 
mother bought us matching this year.

i went sledding for a total of one hour.
as always, i froze.

i slept in until 12:30 everyday. that was nice.

this is a typical day at my humble abode.

i played the xbox kinect, a lot.
its a fantastic game.

my car got ambushed. megan thinks its some sort of vodo.

it snowed. a lot.

i hung out with my family on new years eve. no big parties for me.

i ate way too much.

meg and i looked at many wedding photos and blogs.
girls night- 'nough said

i received many letters.

and tomorrow becomes a normal day.

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