Thursday, January 13, 2011

love at first sight.

day two: my first love.

there is a lot to be said about your first love, in my case, my first and only love. i've been thinking about what to write about this topic, do i tell about him and his hobbies, likes/disklikes? do i share our first date, or a memory we've shared? i guess with every love story, there is a beginning, well, this is ours.

lets go back, september 12, 2008 to be exact. it was a friday. that weekend was homecoming. with every homecoming, a football game and big celebration was in store. the twolves do this big, with a carnival before the football game. as a sophomore on student council, i was looking forward to this event. though, i was required to be there to help out with odds and ends, i was bound to have a good time.

i showed up with a smile on my face and met my dear friend sterling-he was a senior, we met during the dixie leadership conference, became the best of friends. he was a participant for the "pie in the face" and i waited patiently for his shift to be over. when it did, we made our way inside so he could clean up and he ran into two of his good friends. one, tall and skinny, he had long shaggy hair and a bandanna wrapped around his head, the other, a little taller than myself, wearing a white shirt, cargo shorts, white long socks, and red vans. i had never seen these individuals before and as the three boys laughed and were busy being boys, i took a mental note. boy in red vans=zack morris

side note, being on student council, the summer before i was involved with a lot of planning and what nots, so i got to know most of the seniors on council, well when they would give me rides home from meetings and i was often asked if i knew zack morris, now in my mind, i thought of saved by the bell. you see, what i didn't know was zack morris lived a block and a half away from me, and he too attended timpanogos, they figured i would know him.

back to the story, as i realized this boys name, it was good to say, ahhh now that is zack morris. while sterling, myself and the boy-james were chatting zack morris disappeared into the halls for a moment, and when he returned he had a large bag full of cinnamon bears. he was so excited about these bears-this boy is crazy about chewy candy. the four of us continued to converse and made our way outside, where zack turned to me, and offered up a cinnamon bear.

the two disappeared for a moment and the next time sterling and i saw them, they were reading scooters in the parking lot. they had created the "old school scooter gang" where they allowed myself to join, but i was the only girl/sophomore allowed. they gave me the duty of playing the triangle, because not only did they scooter around, it was a band as well.

before i knew it, the game was about to start, zack being a school photographer went his ways and snapped some shots and faded into the crowd, for the remainder of the evening i didn't talk to him but this boy crossed my mind. i wanted to get to know him more. i wanted to become friends with him. he made me laugh from the start.

see, i wasn't looking for love at that moment. if i was, i would have showed up in something other than my student council sweater. he came out of no where and surprised me. i knew this boy was different from day one. this boy is different, for very good reason. this boy makes my heart melt and weak in the knees. he knows me better than i know myself sometimes and can turn my bad days around with just one smile. i know i am just an 18 year old girl, who hasn't experience the world yet and have a lot more learning to do. but if there is one thing i am positive about is this, love exists.

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