Sunday, January 30, 2011

not my original plan.

changes have been made in my life. changes that take my future in a whole new direction. 
i am not longer going to the university of utah.
i've been fighting this for about a month and a half now. 
toying around with the question, 
should i stay or should i go? 
i wanted so badly to go, its been my dream to attend the university of utah. 
it has so much to offer me:
football games, different classes, start studying my major, 
moving out, living on my own. 
all of which i was looking forward to. 
and than one day came, 
i had the feeling that i wasn't suppose to go the u. 
i fought it.
i fought it long and hard. 
i even went to a campus informational day, 
knowing it wasn't right, 
i forced myself to go. 
i was confused yet again. 
but, i still knew. 
the university of utah just isn't for me. 
instead, i will be continuing on my higher education at: 
utah valley university. 
a place i never wanted to go. 
wasn't an option for me. 
but, its where i am suppose to be. 
no moving out for annie, 
at least right now. 
i can keep my job at old navy, 
i can save money. 
and their education program is one of the best. 
here i am. 
going to uvu. 
a new path. 
a new decision. 
a decision i feel much better about 
and that is all that matters.

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  1. It's always hard to make decisions that go against what we wanted. I'm proud of you Annie Bananie! Whatever you choose, things will work out. :)


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