Sunday, January 9, 2011

well, why not.

if everyone else is, i suppose i will too. 
here it goes:
day uno: introduce yourself using words and pictures.

the name: annie lawrence. no middle name. if you're family, or meg you call me anne.
residing: lindon utah, same house my whole life.
the family: youngest of four. two sisters, lynsey and kara, one brother, brad. mother is my best friend and daddy turns a bad day great in an instant. i like the six of us, a lot.

beyond high school: i plan on attending the university of utah for a period of time. since they don't have a good education program, i will end back up in utah county. i wish to teach elementary school, but not beyond the grade 4. marriage and a family of my own one day.

the enjoyment: writing and recieving letters from zackery, my nap time, doodling, journaling, kneaders carmel apples, friends-both the tv show and my actual friends.
random tid bits: i have ocd when it comes to my closet-hangers must be the same way and all items tidy. no this did not come from working at old navy, its been in my blood forever. i'm not a fan of mushrooms, peppers or onions. if a pen does not have a lid, don't count on me using it. i am addicted to bright red nail polish. i say "oways" not always and "cran" not crayon. its fine, i'm a utahan.

up next:
day two, my first love.

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