Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the boy.

you hear me talk about him all the time. 
he is mentioned in pretty much every blog post.
but, i haven't really told you about him. 
so, i will inform you of this boy. 

zackery kevin morris:
october 24th would be his birthday. 
he's 20. 
the color orange 
guitar playing and 
ganster rap
teaching the gospel 
lacrosse and soccer
red bull 
random facts:
no doubt, you will always find this boy with his ipod
he picks up his musical talents by ear. 
he is allergic to apples
he collects soccer jerseys 
he owns more pairs of shoes than myself. 
he introduced me to john mayer. 
he's very artistic 
if he could be any celebrity it would be james dean
adores chewy candies 
he is the middle child 

he is now serving in germany 
he had a baptism last week, 
that makes four. 
he has eleventy billion ties 
has nine months left 
oh! i am almost forgot.
he also has a glass eye

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