Saturday, February 12, 2011

happy year.

well, i have been a blogger for a year now-technically its a year on monday but due to the fact its valentines day, i plan on jumping on that bandwagon and writing about love.

i thought i would recap the last year:

post count: 107
drafts: 14
favorite draft:  i will probably be opening up a HUGE can of worms with this post, but i feel it is a good topic.
we all know it, annie lawrence is not the biggest fan of byu. i've lived in utah county my whole life and managed to endure the ridicule i get for liking the u. i have nothing against the people who like it there or support, zackerys father works for in fact. i am not writing this to rag on the game last night, you know what, thats awesome for jimmer. but there is something that bothers me, and its when i see this on facebook.
"the lord's university did pretty good"  
true, the school is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints, and i happen to be a member of this church, but does that necessarily mean its the Lords university? in case you were wondering here are a little known facts about the university of utah, 
1. it was founded by the same man who founded byu. 
2. elder worthlin, an apostle attended the u and was a football player, who for the remainder of his life supported utah football, and when he died in 2008 before the sugarbowl, the players put his initials on the back of their helments and made the sugarbowl in honor of him. 
3. president hinkley, who happens to be my favorite prophet attended the university of utah and was an avid member in their community. 
there are three facts. now, i may not like the school owned by my church, we are all entitled our opinions, but you know, its a little annoying when i see something like that. just saying. you can take it or leave it.

the most read post: girls world with i'm smitten in close second.
topic of my choice: i write more about relationships and love than anything else. go figure.
comment count: 43
first comment: "for the record, i love your blog." by meg
my favorite comment: "well do i feel educated. hahah oh and by the snows so i cant play soccer anymore :( sad right...but i love you sweet heart and miss you to death" by my boy.
month of height: october followed by january
month of low: march of 2010
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reader locations: united states, switzerland, germany, canada, netherlands, brazil, russia, united kingdom, india and iran.

here's to another year of blogging.
oh, and..
 what has been your favorite post and topic i write about?


  1. no one that calls BYU the Lords University is being serious. People only call it that jokingly. I'm sure they are fully aware that the Lord loves all universities just the same. It really doesn't matter what prophets or apostles went to what school because that doesn't mean at all that the Lord favors one over the other. The Lord didn't attend either University, so I'm sure he doesn't care. Anyways, sorry if I sound mean that was not my intention at all. And I am probably not going to change your mind, but both universities can be great without the lord favoring one.

  2. clearly you missed the purpose. i was trying to explain that. but whatever floats your boat.


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