Saturday, February 26, 2011

now taking suggestions.

here's the deal.
my hair is bleh.
i would like to change it.
here are some possible options.
let me know what you think.





comments and opinions are welcome


  1. Um, you're not allowed to do option #1, because that's what I'm doing at the hairdresser tomorrow. The last time I got a majorly new haircut (when I cut my bangs in High School) you showed up with the same thing on the same day. Remember? How embarrassing....


  2. I say #2!! I love you and miss you! You'll look gorgeous no matter what you do!

  3. First of all, I adore you. And your blog. You are so sincere and down to earth. Also, I think you are gorgeous. Therefore, option numero dos pleases me. That will be all.

  4. 2 definitely. your blog is very cute =)


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