Wednesday, February 9, 2011

stick a fork in me, i'm done.

on a scale of 1-10, i'm ready to graduate.

the past couple of days, i have referred to pleasant grove as the "hell hole". ironic right? not so pleasant. i can barely make it through the day anymore. i can't stand high school. i am so sick and tired of walking down the halls of judgment. i am so sick of the drama and this "i'm cooler than you" mentality some people have. i am so sick of the immature beings that walk the halls and the f word used every five minutes. i tired of useless assignments and teachers treating me like i'm still in kindergarten. i'm tired of waking up early and the long hours of school. with only 1.25 of credits left to graduate, i feel like i am trying to stay a float. my care level has dropped immensely since third term started and all i can do is wait out the last term and a half.   

i thought senior year was supposed to be the best year? wrong, so wrong. its gone down hill since sophomore year.

sophomore year, i was a member of student council, went to many school functions, dated zackery, went to dances with zackery, was social every weekend.

junior year, i had my ups and downs, i had many friends, i went out most weekends, and attended most dances, i was content with life.

senior year, i have been to one sporting event, i have been to one dance, i am not social on the weekends, and i don't care. high school is only a little blimp in your life, and i believe there are bigger and better things out there for me than staying in this place, sadly, most bigger and better opportunities come with a requirement. a high school diploma.

i am suffering with a severe case of senioritis.


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  1. Oh, high school. The days. I was there once. But believe me, you can do it! Even though it may seem like drudgery, keep pushing through. Treasure these times because someday you'll look back on them. Aka somedays when college sucks and, yes, you might kinda sorta miss high school. But for now, you're almost graduated!!


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