Sunday, February 13, 2011

the waiting game.

if there is one person who knows my impaitent side best, 
it would be zack. 
and what does he do?

i received a letter saturday afternoon, 
i was excited.
most days i don't make inside before the letter is open. 
i turned it over to open it 
and this is what i read
you're kidding right? 
i may have said that allowed even. 
followed by "does he really think i can wait?"
i went inside, showed my mother,
she said "good for him, let me hold onto that letter" 
ha that is a negative, i will keep that safely with me thank you. 
she told me she would inspect the letter on monday. 
if i had opened it she would tell zack. 
well crap. 

so here i am.
sunday evening.
waiting to open my letter. 
you bet your bottom dollar i will be reading it at midnight.
i tried to convince mother to let me read it tonight, 
technically its valentines day in germany, 
he never specified. 

the waiting game. 
its awful. 

i sent him this picture for the love holiday

along with this
because a while back he sent me this

aren't we adorable? 
have i mentioned lately, 
i really sorta kinda like him, 
a lot.

oh, p.s
we hit nine months left 
on friday. 


whats on your mind?