Tuesday, April 26, 2011

random fact #345

i, annie lawrence, have an odd fascination with packing. i am leaving for warmer weather on thursday- st george
and i don't know if i am more excited to pack than the actual vacation. though i will be spending all of friday at a wedding (i love weddings) and saturday bathing in the sun (i love that more than weddings) i can't wait to gather my life, put it in a suitcase and travel to said destination. i plan on packing tomorrow, its the earliest moment i can.

reason #1: there is something about packing. the anticipation of a vacation is at my finger tips. its just a few hours until i am off on an adventure.i can take a break from reality and leave all my stress at home. not to mention packing for a larger trip, i know i get to go to the airport and that goes along with my love for packing. the airport is one of my favorite places on earth. i wish i was going to the airport on thursday to be completely honest. road trips just aren't the same as flying across the country. i can hardly contain my excitement. can you tell i haven't been on a trip in a while?

reason #2: when i pack at the earliest possible moment, i am assured that i have not forgotten anything. i can take my time placing each item in carefully leaving the bag more spacious for more items. of course i end up over packing though and my ratio clean to dirty clothes by the end of the trip is out of balance, but still. i am able to put a list together of things i need for the vacation and i have adequate time to gather everything. i hate leaving things to the last minute and i want to make sure that when mother yells "lets go" i'm already buckled up in the car, ipod in hand ready for the journey.

downside of this odd fascination, unpacking. i loathe it. vacation is over and reality is back. worst feeling in the world. 

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