Tuesday, April 5, 2011

so awful at this game.

i'm not much of a writer and with that i've had writers block.
its rather awful.
i wish i had witty thoughts floating around my head
or catchy posts to jot down
but i don't.
i went on a blind date on friday. 
he came up to my shoulders. 
he was really awkward. 
thank heavens he lives in arizona
he didn't know how to carry on a conversation with me. 
makes me really excited to have a real conversation with zackery
seven more months. yay. 

i am having a love/hate relationship with my job.
i rather enjoy going to work.
most days. 
the days i don't, 
its when people are particularly messy 
and some people don't show up for work. 
or they are new and don't really know how to close. 
plus, i get a 
"why aren't you asking people for old navy credit cards" 
speech every day.
i've made some really good friends though. 
i don't hesitate to tell them my life story.

its that blasted prom season again. 
some days i'm sad i'm not going. 
others i don't really mind. 
i really just want to buy a pretty dress 
and wear sparkly jewelry.

i picked up my graduation announcements today. 
next on the list. 
senior pictures. 
its all coming to a close. 
its strange. 

my bangs are ridiculously long.
if i don't pull them up
they get stuck in my eyelashes. 
and i have to curl them 
which makes me look like 
i belong in the early 90s.

i'm about ready to buy a bike. 
my car spent the afternoon in the shop 
stupid windshield people. 
put a crack in it from the first replacement. 
one more time and i'm finding another mean of transportation.

general conference was yet again amazing. 
the church is true. 
deep down, i'll miss seminary. 
spring break is next week. 
i'm real excited to sleep in. 

i'm going to go clean my room now. 
its really messy.

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