Friday, May 6, 2011

i may or may not be graduating.

due to my recent decline of school attendance, my diploma may be delayed.
especially with the weather being how it is; birds chirping and sun shinning, why should i waste that seated in a desk? nothing important is being missed and attendance school is always an option.
my advice for skipping school?
its easy.
one: while the teacher is talking to another student, pick your bag up and walk right out of the room. works like a charm.
two: visit the best friend who doesn't have a first period. and make sure you leave in the middle of second, therefore you miss that class too.
three: with the extra time to kill, visit mother at work but don't forget the chocolate doughnut and diet coke. its a shoe in for an invitation to stay and help her make hand prints with five and six year olds.
four: have mother excuse the absences for no reason at all.
five: have the best friend from step two call you and invite you to spend the day in salt lake. obviously, she doesn't go to school either.
six: stop for lunch because you will get the hangrys (that is angry and hungry) and will probably eat your arm is not fed immediately.
seven: fill the vehicle with gas and offer to compensate with snacks.
eight: listen to the summer playlist and get off the wrong exit.
nine: get back on the freeway and find the right exit.
ten: drive around in circles on the same level in a parking garage.
eleven: find a parking spot and take note of where vehicle is.
twelve: shop.
thirteen: buy sandles for ten dollars. and replace your current footwear with the new ones.
fourteen: visit your friend at the apple store and play with photobooth on the ipad.
fifteen: get frozen yogurt and talk about the travel channel.
sixteen: go back to the apple store and find out your ipod is ancient and can't be fixed.
seventeen: take pictures in the parking garage.
eighteen: sing the whole way home.
nineteen: stop at hearts and buy those snacks.
and twenty: return home just in time for dinner.

clearly, i have more fun not going to school. lets just say i got a head start on my summer vacation.

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