Tuesday, May 31, 2011

i did it.

if you read here, you will see that i spent the last 13 years learning. it started out in kindergarten when i learned how to sing the abc's and write my name. i progressed through elementary school where i learned how to count by tens and multiply by eight. the three lined paper, guiding my letters was all i used and pens weren't allowed. i had to walk in a straight line and there was absolutely no talking in the hallway. behavior and expectations were taught and i learned how to follow them. extra recess was a reward and needed throughout each day. halloween parties along with christmas and valentines were looked forward to and the anticipation was more exciting than the actual party. invitations were given out for birthday parties held at chuck-e-cheese or the bowling alley. boys had cooties and chased the girls. art projects were already made and gluing them together was all it took. papers were written as a class and due dates weren't enforced.and i counted down the days until jr. high.

jr. high was an awkward phase of life. students from all over joined in one. groups of friends were already created and there wasn't much room for new comers. seventh graders were looked down upon and ninth graders were idolized. getting a picture in that yearbook was a priority and filled by the expected ones. those you knew in the early years of elementary school became strangers. the cool factor was wanted and people would do anything to get it. pizza and a snack shack was offered everyday. seven classes a day was overwhelming and text books took up the majority of your bag. decorating your locker was a must and done by many. book reports became serious and writing a paper took many drafts. research was needed and expected. suddenly hats were allowed to be worn in class and gum was ok. grades became a concern and high school credit was creeping up on your transcript. failing wasn't an option. and i counted down the days until high school.

high school, the last three years of general education, and possibly the most important. grown up decisions were made and colleges were informing us daily. romance was within the halls and hearts were broken. friendships were made and with stood all the drama. students took them selves to school and left when desired. teachers became friends and shared their life experiences. though, cellphones weren't allowed in class, teachers tolerated the texting. assignments were given and due dates were expected.seniors were friends with sophomores. juniors anticipated their senior year. parties were big and everyone was invited. the music was lame at dances, but it was fun to get dressed up. mission calls were received and engagement rings were given. jobs were got and working was common. finals and tests were stressed over and failed. extra credit saved the grade.

and now the days of counting down to graduation are over. its here. i've been through 13 years of learning. about life, and how to make it out there. i was educated and pushed to the limit. i withstood stress and trails. peer pressure was avoided and mistakes were made. my testimony grew as did my 6,000 mile romance. and i made it. i did what i thought was never possible. i graduated high school.


  1. i seriously love this. and the other one that was linked to it. soo cute.

  2. love this with all my heart.
    I don't know you but I love you and know you'll do great out there :)


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