Friday, June 24, 2011

call me old fashioned.

movie nights in my sweats with a bowl of popcorn and milk duds curled up in blanket with that someone special (zack) are my ideal dates. though the occasional night out on the town is lovely too.

i'm a fan of commitment. i'm his, he's mine kind of commitment. i don't like the gray area, you know, we're in love but we can date other people, that just gets messy and feelings get hurt.

i like being someones girlfriend. i'll be the first to say it, i don't like being single. i don't handle it well. i like having that one person i can tell my deepest darkest secrets to and will hold me while i cry. 

i believe in love. i don't think it matters if you're 12 or 100 when you love someone you know.

there is a fine line between flirting and just friends. if one of the friends is married or in a committed relationship, don't tip toe around that line.

i'm full of hope, and i'm a romantic. what fun is it to prance around being skeptical?

i want to get married. i want to be a mother. i want to have a home and i want to cook family dinners. i want to have family vacations. i want to be a house wife (minus the heels and apron)

what can i say, i'm a little old fashioned, but i wouldn't have it any other way. 


whats on your mind?