Sunday, June 12, 2011

the l.p survival guide

when attending lake powell, there are a few things that must be kept in mind. 

gather twelve just graduated seniors, and one adult who is like a large child himself 
a good ratio is two girls for every boy. 

 leave lindon at 6 am, leaving maximum time on the lake upon arrival.

 have tube wars. lots and lots of tube wars.

create the ultimate playlist with every artist 
from shania twain and dixie chicks to kid cudi and lupe fisaco. 

pack enough snacks to feed a small village in africa 

gallons of sunscreen to protect those with ultra fair skin. 
and tanning lotion for those who don't know what sunscreen is. 

climb sand mountain. 
almost break your toe doing so. 
also, carve yours and your elders initials into the rock.

get seated and leave a restaurant not thirty seconds later due to the high priced menu items.
instead go to sonic and have auboo, yes as in aladins monkey serve you. 
he gives you free things and he receives a ten dollar tip.

go to wal-mart every night for odds and ends. 
(i.e swimmers ear, colored pencils, bread)

bring sunglasses or else crows feet will develop on your forehead.  

cliff jump

 but, find a rock with steps 
if not you will find yourself stuck with no way to move

play games like "plates" and "signs" late at night at the hotel 

don't fall asleep first because people will want to pull pranks on you. 
if thats the case, wake up to the soft laughter and cell phone lights. 

visit the dam. marvel at the beauty. find pictures in the rocks. 

sing at the top of your lungs 
and dance 

find frogs and lizards. 
the boys will capture them. 

allow the boys their tough time. 
they might find logs to float on 
or throw rocks into the water. 
girls, watch the boys and talk about how adorable they are. 

swim until you can't swim anymore.
the water may be a bit brisk at the beginning, 
not to worry its refreshing in that heat. 

buy tatoos and  put them on. 
butterflies, lips , hearts are the best options. 

DO NOT drive atop a rock.
but take pictures of the idiot box who did.

leave the lake as the sun is going down. 
miss the sand storm by minutes. 

play the movie game while you wait for food. 
and give the boys your left overs. 

create a new water sport. 
hold onto the rope as you are gently dragged through the water. 
be prepared for the gallons of water intake 
and all that laughter. 

wakeboard and clear the wake. 

don't do your hair of make up for three days. 

girls pack a swimsuit for everyday you are there. 
boys, pack one. 

wake up soar and tired, but ready for the next day.
discover bruises all over. 
ask a stranger for an extra cupcake. 
and drink lots of dr. pepper. 
but stay away from the adults diet coke. 

take random pictures

tears  are not  tolerated and injuries are prohibited.

throw a fit the morning of departure. 

come home with a life time of memories and inside jokes. 

and if you can, 
go with these people.

they will make the trip that much better.  

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