Monday, July 11, 2011

i bid farewell

to my ipod. 
its officially died.
i'm rather torn about it. 
its been a lovely friend to me 
for three and a half years. 
it sung me to sleep 
and mended a broken heart. 
it was my source of entertainment 
for every drive in my adorable honda. 
and my way to escape the world. 
we cleaned my room together 
and spent many days at the pool. 
there was a playlist for my every mood 
and kept me focused during tests. 
it was my first ipod, and it was a good one. 
a first generation touch 
given to me on christmas.
i will miss it.  

i will be purchasing a new one shortly. 
opinion: ipod classic or an ipod nano? 
now that i have this nice laptop 
i don't need the apps, 
just the music. 

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  1. bah, mine just recently broke too. saddest day of my life.


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