Saturday, July 30, 2011

not just an ordinary day.

i didn't think anything of it, i went to work thinking it was a normal day. i clocked in at exactly five o'clock, put my name tag on and headed up to customer service where i was greeted by my manager. he informed me of the store happenings, handed me a walkie, and gave me my assignments for the evening; women's recovery and first back up on register seven.

i had been called to back up several times by now and was in the routine. becoming a robot when i'm on the register, i ask all the same questions and repeat myself with each customer. he was no different. he was a friendly customer and talked to me more than most. he was polite and offered a compliment which took me off guard. graciously i thanked him, asked him to sign his receipt and sent him on his way. proceeding with the next customer until my line had been taken care of.

as i was finished ringing, i quickly processed a few returns and exchanged words with a co-worker until they were needed and i was to head back into womens. but i was stopped in my tracks as the young man from a few transactions ago was spotted coming back into the store. my first instinct was i had messed something up and was to fix it, but when i realized he had just a simple exchange i quickly came to a different reason for his reappearance.

he approached me and i could feel the blood rushing through my entire body. i noted his basic features, but the details of this young man became blurred. i was more focused on the next few sentences than my surroundings. he proceed to tell me that he was rather embarrassed, and explained to me that he was in need of a date for the upcoming weekend and was wondering if i would accompany him. as i processed his invitations, i was hesitant to give him an answer right away. i kindly told him that i was not aware of my work schedule for the weekend and i would have to get back to him, at least that is what i said in my mind. the words that came out were much more slurred and i babbled incessantly. he was persistent and and continued on the conversation. realizing i didn't know this mystery mans name, i figured it was a key element to who he was. we exchanged names and a smile. he reached in his pocket and pulled out his mobile device. i knew what was coming next. but never being in this situation before, i didn't have a fake number on my mind and i wanted to be nice so i relinquished my number. he pressed the green telephone and informed me that he was calling me so i would have his number. still in a blur, i nodded and giggled a little bit. when words were an option again, i told him i would let him know my work schedule as soon as possible and get back to him. he accepted that answer and bid me farewell.

stay tuned for the remainder of the story. this is only the beginning. 


  1. Wow. I thought that only happened in movies. I'm practically on the edge of my seat waiting to read what happens next :)


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