Wednesday, July 6, 2011

to my fellow pool goers

man to the right of me: you sir are probably three times my age and twice as dark as i am. that makes me feel weird. 

girl to the left of me: your bikini top is two sizes too small. invest in a larger one. i like your sunglasses though.

family in front of me: you have twelve chairs saved and yet you only have eight people, who are all children and they are all swimming. 

concessions people: thank you for satisfying my thirst and refilling my water bottle. you saved my life probably. 

pregnant women who should have had her child yesterday: a bikini really? 

mothers gossiping about seven peaks: i completely agree, over rated. yes i'm eavesdropping. 

lifeguards: nice job saving that drowning child. gold star for you. 

admissions people: your price is wonderful. thank you for saving me money. 

child wearing a full wet suit: doesn't it get rather warm in that? you poor thing. 

adorable couple that i keep staring at: i'm jealous, that's all. 

myself: this is bliss. 


whats on your mind?