Saturday, August 13, 2011

not just an ordinary day, part two

there is something extremely awkward about the very first conversation via text. it either goes great but doesn't last or it goes no where and goes on forever. you have to adapt to the way the person texts. you can't just use a period if they use an exclamation mark and so forth. its just awkward. expecting the worst-twelve explanation marks and eight smiley faces,when i saw that envelope in the middle of my phone screen with his phone number, i panicked. to my surprise, it was a normal sentence. he passed the first test. he isn't a crazy texter. so i sat and analyzed every word and punctuation just as girls do. being a simple text, i wasn't very successful. contemplating if i would text back and weighing the options in my head, i realized that i threw all rationality out the window when i gave him my real phone number and due to my curious nature i didn't have a choice. i texted him back.

with each new text the conversation continued to get better and we were slowly getting to know each other. just the basics for now, but with the thought that he didn't know my age or that i recently graduated high school lingering in my head i figured he would vanish after that information was shared. when the perfect opportunity came up, i gathered the courage and asked how old he was. with his response completely shocking me, i didn't believe it. claiming he was twenty nine, that would make this an eleven year difference. i laughed hysterically and thought for sure this would be the end.  but when he stuck around after he knew i was eighteen, i had no doubt, he wasn't twenty nine. i called him on it. he laughed, told me he didn't know how long he would be able to keep that one going and informed me that he was twenty five and one month. feeling relieved by this news and everything else i learned about him-he was actually normal. we had similar taste in music, both LDS, valued education, again, he was normal. the time came where he asked me out once again. having to make a decision, i sifted through my thoughts and reread our conversation. realizing that we potentially had a lot more in common and with nothing to loose, i accepted his invitation. i had a date for the next evening.

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