Monday, August 15, 2011

past, present, and future.

for some reason, i've been thinking back to where i was a year ago, i guess with the new school year coming-please poke my eyes out, its a fresh start to things.

a year ago, i would have told you this: in the fall of 2011 i will be packing my room up. i will take down pictures and donate my old clothes. i will remissness of all the stuff i have accumulated  over the 18 years in my room. and i will say goodbye to what i called home for my entire life. i will pick up my life and head north for my further education. i'll join the "muss" at the university of utah and i will be at every home football game. i will  be within minutes of my oldest sister and we will have weekly lunch dates. i'll come on home the weekends for sunday dinner and to do my laundry, i'm not paying 50 cents a load, plus i'll miss my mommy and daddy. it will be months before the missionary gets home and i won't be able to contain my excitement. i'll work at the gateway, thank goodness for old navy and the ability to transfer. i'll visit the salt lake temple frequently and attend a new singles ward. i'm most excited for the new adventure that i will partake in when i start college at the university of utah.

six months ago, i told you all this about the fall of 2011.

and today, i tell you this about the fall of 2011. i've never felt more at peace with my decision to stay at home. as others are starting to or have already boxed up their life, i have not. i like my big bed and my large closet. i like having my own bathroom and i like using whatever dishes i want. i'm perfectly content with the home cooked meals i get, and giving my parents a hug and a kiss before i go to bed each night. call me crazy, but i like having a curfew, shows my parents are looking out for me. i like my puppies and i like snuggling with them. there is nothing like pulling into my driveway and walking through the front door. i like my job at old navy and the direction that is going in. i like my co-workers. some of the greatest people i have ever met has been from old navy and i'm not ready to give that up yet. i like living rent free. i like living at home. i don't doubt my decision. there is a reason i am here, i can feel it deep inside myself. i don't know what it is or who, but i'm excited to find out.

i'm practically a college girl, thats really bizarre to say. t-minus 15 days, but who's counting?


  1. The opposite happened to me. I thought I was staying home, but now I'm leaving. It's funny how things work out.

  2. Haha, funny how people's minds change, isn't it :D Oh well, that is why nothing can be definitely foreseen and that makes life exciting!

  3. Let's be honest you are so excited to still live close to me:)


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