Sunday, August 28, 2011

a silver lining.

to every down there is an up
to every storm there is a rainbow
to every, well you get the point,
there is always a silver lining.

i was at work until 1:45 am last night, gross. 
i was getting paid- always a plus.
i closed with some of the funniest people ever 
and we sang show tunes. 

i miss that missionary boy i'm fond of everyday. 
we are 81 days away from our reunion. 
i have letters and pictures and memories from him. 
and i love him.

tomorrow is monday. i hate mondays.
that means today is sunday and i love sundays. 
(i know my days of the week, also a good thing)
also, monday is p-day.

school starts on tuesday
its not high school- good enough reason for me. 
and its two days a week.

i'm really tired on this day, 
 that just means i'll sleep sound tonight.

doesn't matter what the situation.
there can be good in everything sticky.

hope everyone is having a silver lining sort of day.

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