Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a+ and papers.

i was late for math, 
but my 108/116 score on my test made up for it. 

second class was cancelled today

i was told my english paper was one of the best. gold star for me. 

i did some online shopping. 
(probably found the perfect dress for elders homecoming.) 

did i mention that is 51 days away? 

history was exhausting today

but don't worry, i knew that material on the quiz. score. 

i got myself a large dr. pepper. it was necessary. 

i created myself a home in the library. 

i should be writing my history paper. but i'm bored. 

i'm really sleepy. 

i worked a 12 hour shift yesterday. i think my feet fell off. 

i pretend to work, but really i people watch. 

i'm having a good hair day. love those. 

taken approx. 25 secs ago. 

have a lovely day. 

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