Sunday, September 4, 2011

the completely necessary college post.

college great? haven't gotten that far yet. i have yet to make up my mind about it. for starters, its fourteenth grade. i didn't dodge that bullet of going back to high school. wonderful. plus, this time around i have to pay a lot of dollars. i'll get to good, hold up. i just want to complain for a moment. and the homework, please just poke my eyes out. i don't remember the last time i've had this much homework. i may have taken the easy way out in previous years of schooling. i should have prepared better, i'm fully aware. my eyes are tired of reading textbook after textbook. and my back is tired of carrying all of them around. between work and homework, i have no life. 

alright, so here's the deal. i do enjoy my classes thus far. here's the nitty gritty to them all. 

math 0990: first off, do not judge, i was one point away from 1010. didn't take math as a senior and i was a bit rusty on my math so i decided to start slow. my class consists of about twenty five, maybe thirty people ranging from the looks of it my age to about 50. its bizarre having grown grown ups in my classes. we've seemed to break the awkward barrier and bond as a class. not to mention, my professor, teacher, who knows what i call them. is rather hilarious. who knew a math teacher could be entertaining? it doesn't help i'm an idiot and ordered the wrong textbook though. i'm waiting for the new one to arrive. cross your fingers it comes this week please? its safe to say, this will probably be the most productive math class i've yet to be in. 

english 1010: my teacher, we call him brett. no one can pronounce his last name. he looks as if he stepped out of an american outfitters catalog and has a watered down british accent. he's all about writing what you feel and not so much logically. he starts each class with a song and its the theme of the day. he's assigned our first paper, "my life sounds like this" i have to pick six to eight songs, describe how my life relates to them at this moment and than burn a cd and exchange it with another classmate. pretty stoked about this paper. i'm half way done. class wise, we haven't really bonded, but there is a familiar face in there which makes me feel less lonely. 

us history 2700: this is by far my favorite class. though its full full full and i have no friends, i enjoy the lectures. i have an odd fascination with history anyways. not many people know that. my professor is fantastic and really knows the material. he's very by the book and keeps an organized schedule. though, this is the class that consists of much reading and for one who doesn't like to read normal books, its hard to focus on a textbook. i'm really looking forward to where this class goes. 

and intro to education 1010: taught by a man in his early 70's maybe, i'm already bored. oh my gosh. thankfully that a, its my shortest class at a whopping 50 minutes and b i only have to attend twelve times because the other how many classes i will be in the field, also known as mothers classroom observing and helping out. which i'm more than excited for because my mother is obviously the best kindergarten teacher under the sun. 

i find a wonderful parking spot each day, and i haven't cried once because i'm lost or overly stressed. i study between classes and share my opinions when necessary. i guess college is good. better than high school. 

now, i must go back to studying. 

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