Saturday, September 17, 2011

no games allowed.

bridal showers and baby showers can be rather awkward. a bunch of people who don't know each other, sitting around in a circle, mingling and exchanging sympathy laughs can be quite weird. i'm a fan of shower food though. usually contains a nice salad, perhaps a small sandwich and the dessert is always the best part. depending on the gift giver, the presents are just as exciting for the audience.

though, there is one thing about them that i cannot stand: games.
oh heaven forbid we play the close pin game and say the word "baby" at a baby shower or the grooms name at the bridal shower.

must we really fill a diaper full of water to see how much it can hold? i don't feel like that is necessary. and guessing the flavor of baby food is just nauseating.

i don't like coming up with creative words in the alphabet that go hand in hand in the festivities. i don't like splitting up into teams. its just a snooze fest.

the prizes are never worth while anyways.

i'm just saying, what ever happened to a good old fashioned, lets get together to celebrate without games. those are for children birthday parties.

i can guarantee that my showers will be game less, or else i will not attend.  

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  1. I'm so with you chica. Bridal and Baby Shower games are awful. The whole point of the event is to gather with friends you haven't seen in forever and wish the bride/mommy-to-be good luck.


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