Friday, October 21, 2011

almost not a dream.

i have this reoccurring dream.

part one: 
i am anxious and something goes wrong. 
the outfit, the hair and sometimes both. 
time doesn't seem to pass and i watch the clock constantly.

part two: 
the moment i have been waiting for finally arrives. 
 i'm crying.
i'm ecstatic.
i see him for the first time in two years. 

part three:
we hug.
we kiss 
i tell him i've dreamt of this moment for two years. 

part four:
he tells me it's not a dream.
it's bliss. 
we laugh.
we talk like we never parted. 
we snuggle. 

part five:
i wake up. 

i have this dream, and it always ends up the same. 

at least for 27 more days. 
than it will be my reality. 

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