Wednesday, October 5, 2011

well that's annoying.

  • 9 times out of 10, my straw is broken, leaving beverage flow at a ridiculously low rate. 
  • mini vans. i don't care who you are, no person should drive a mini van. 
  • worst feeling ever: not being able to fall and stay asleep.
  • helping someone at work that you go to school with; that's just awkward, especially when its college. 
  • not informing me the cinnamon sugar caramel apples are gone until after i paid for it. stupid cashier. 
  • speed limit drivers-keep up with traffic, not cause a jam. 
  • tights that have a run. 
  • road construction.
  • grumpy customers. 
  • getting someones voice mail. answer your phone please. 
  • running out of shampoo faster than conditioner.
  • when the mail man is late. 
  • empty gas tank. 
  • chipped finger nail polish. 
  • laundry day. i hate doing laundry. 
  • outgrown bangs and roots. 
  • idiot parents that yell at mother. not okay. 
  • messy unattended children with no manners. also not okay. 
  • writing with a pen that doesn't have it's lid. its unbalanced. 
  • awkward texting conversations. 
we all those things that just irk us. here's mine. 

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