Monday, November 21, 2011


if i may toot my own horn, 
happy birthday to me. 

it was a fabulous day. 

i went to work. 
i was given a balloon, a card and a gift card to the mall. 
as well as a fine melody from the fellow co-workers. 

meg gave me the necessary dr. pepper and big hunk 
with balloons attached. 
she knows me so well. 
we treated ourselves to some costa vida

and the part you have all been waiting for. 
the RM (we'll call him the RM now) 

we went and got some yummy pizza 
and chatted away. 
he told funny mission stories, 
i told semi funny high school stories. 

we went to the mall 
he surprised me with purchasing my very first pair of toms. 
he is the greatest. 
we held hands the whole day. 

he's such a trooper. 
i ran into many people and introduced him, 
though most people know who he is. 

we laughed and sang songs and were silly. 

nineteen, you've treated me well so far. 

thank you for the kind words and birthday wishes. 
made my day. 


  1. happy birthday! and yaaaay for spending it with the RM!

  2. Um, helllooooo! Why is there no picture of you and RM!? I want to see if he suddenly looks different. DRrrrrr..... ;) Glad you had such a fantastic birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! I love this post. a lot.


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