Saturday, November 12, 2011


i am no longer an employee of old navy. 
it's slightly bitter sweet. 
i cried for the majority of my last three hour shift. 
i said goodbye to my second home for the last year and a half. 
i complained and didn't want to go to work most days.
but the others i had fun going. 
there was always a crazy customer 
that made for great conversation with the coworkers.
early morning signage never came without a frustration 
and the late nights became rather annoying. 
i'll miss all the phone checks, merchandise locators, charge sends and up stock checks. 
i won't miss running go backs for hours and hours at the end of the night. 
it was a good place for me to be. 
i have memories beyond memories. 
like the one time mckall didn't lock the bathroom door 
and i walked in on her. 
how embarrassing, but oh we laughed for hours. 
the twelve hour shifts we all braved together.  
the long lines on black friday and yet we made the most of it.
mostly, i'll miss my coworkers. 
they were a majority of my social life. 
they were more than coworkers
they were are my friends. 
i met some of the best people there 
and i am going to miss them like crazy. 

to them, i say thank you.
for listening to me talk about my elder day in and day out. 
for putting up with my grumpy attitude some days. 
for making me laugh every shift. 
 for making old navy a great place to work. 

don't worry. i'll visit. i'm not going anywhere. 
it won't be the same though. 

i'm sad, but its time to move on. 
here's to the new job. 
and the memories of the old one. 

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