Sunday, November 27, 2011

the story. part 2.

the next few hours became a blur really. everything mushed together. it was 4:30. I was leaving at 8. i took my time getting ready at this point. i stopped to eat some dinner. considering my mind was running a thousand miles per hour the food was bland. its a good thing my outfit was planned for if it had not been who knows what disaster i would have shown up in. i paced around my house for a good ten minutes. i was driving my mother crazy.

megan called me having a baking emergency needing 3/4 cup of brown sugar. i came to the rescue with an hour left on my count down. perfect way to pass the remaining time. as we sat in her sister in laws kitchen, i was not present. she tried to talk to me. it didn't work. i was frazzled at this point, a good frazzled of course. we just kept saying things like "i can't believe your going to the airport today" and "by the time i go to bed tonight i will have seen zackery." mind blowing concepts really.

now, i'll skip the rest of the details for now because after the baking, i met up with my friend and we headed to the airport. it was the moment i had waited for all day, well moment a. moment b was just around the corner and i was thrilled.

we walked into the airport and met up with his family. so many signs, and balloons all around. we were all anxious. we watched the flight board as the atlanta flight went from on time to landed and moved on to baggage claim. the wait at this point seemed like an eternity. time had stopped. i really believe that. we watched as person after person came down the stairs. four other families surrounded us as we waited for our elders and one sister. i was shaking and on the verge of tears. i really just wanted to run up the stairs myself and meet him there, but i contained myself.

and then, when i least expected it, i saw five young men in suits walking towards the stairs. noticing the boy in the front wearing the gray suit, i started to cry. there he was. after two years, he was a matter of feet away from me.

laughing and crying and shaking wasn't the best look for me. his adorable family rushed to him and i sat back and watched the moment. it was one that i will never forget.

his mom took his books and he made his way to me. i instantly dropped the sign i was holding and couldn't believe what was happening. he stuck his hand out for a handshake and i had to be awkward and not know what to do. i placed my other hand on his shoulder and laid my head on my hand. i was laughing and he was exhausted. he wanted to wait to give me a hug until after he got released. i wanted my hug, but i wasn't going to disregard his feelings.

not many words were exchanged, but it was the moment i had waited for and i wasn't an ounce disappointed. it was an ending to what had been two extraordinary years of writing and growing closer together via paper that i had wanted.

it's hard to explain, what i had known for two years was suddenly changing and i was nervous. it was exactly what i have been saying for the last few months. it was entirely bitter sweet. it's weird, i don't care to check the mail box every day anymore and i haven't written a letter in ten days. i miss writing my letters, but its good to have him home.

we're having a lot of fun together and i still can't believe he's home. it's not a dream this time. its my reality.

to those whose best friend is serving or you're waiting for a missionary or whatever the circumstance, i say continue writing them. they need all the love and support. and there is nothing like reuniting after two years.


  1. i'm so glad it was everything you pictured :) it sounds amazing.. i can't wait for my reunion!

  2. this is hands down one of the best stories out in blog land. i died reading this. in a good way of course. i seriously am so happy for you and to some degree know how you feel. i didn't have a missionary to claim but we did write the whole 2 years and when he came home i fell for him almost instantly. it has been a whirlwind of greatness ever since then. i totally agree with you about writing missionaries. the closeness that can be reached through letter writing is amazing. so excited to keep reading about you and this boy of yours!


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