Wednesday, December 21, 2011

advice is needed.

alright, here's the deal. for the first time in three years, i am officially, no strings attached single. it's quite an interesting feeling. i am having a love hate relationship, mostly hate though. (is my break up getting annoying to anyone? cause pretty sure i have nothing else of importance to say at the present moment)

as i was saying in said title, i need advice. dating.

who knows how to date? i've never been good at it. i've really only dated the ex. (boo, that's an awful name) i do not under any circumstances know how to "play hard to get". please fill me in on the basics of that one.

i'm slightly over overwhelmingly nervous about stepping into this unknown world. i mean don't get me wrong, i've gone on my fair share of dates, but majority of those were high school dances and i feel as if those don't really count. dating return missionaries is a whole new ball game-assuming i find return missionaries to date.

i would like to start dating as soon as possible, i think it will be good for me to experience these social gatherings of sorts, but i just don't know what i am doing here. also, i don't really have anyone in mind. i work with all females, i go to church with my parents-for the time being, cross your fingers for a new singles ward and school is currently not in session. (this is my call to you, if you know a lovely gent that is available and handsome, send him my way.) i'm kidding, only slightly though.

i guess, i just want to know. how'd you snatch up your significant other? what are your dating secrets? dating ideas? any advice is welcome here. i am an open book.


  1. all you have to do is be yourself. don't play hard to get, but don't be clingy. live your own life and do what you love. just start meeting people without the intent of seriously dating them. nick and i just went on a date because he wasn't looking for anyone and neither was i, but all the sudden we got married. you know? that's what's worked for me in the past. good luck, though! it's a hectic world out there.

  2. So, we don't know each other, however, I absolutely love your blog! And, I figured this could, perhaps, be of assistance to you.
    good luck, and i'm really sorry!

  3. Though I am still in high school, I know how the world works.
    My advice to you is to be yourself. Seek others out and be open to new experiences. If they're right for you, they'll love you for who you are and things will work out. Don't turn to magazines for advice whatever you do. They teach you how to play games. Not how to find an eternal companion.
    Best of Luck!

  4. i'm not going to pretend to be an expert on dating because heaven knows i am most definitely not. but what i've learned in my short adult life is that you can't go looking for someone to date. if you do, you'll end up dating all the wrong guys, at least that's what i did. i know that it's hard to go from being in a relationship to completely single, but if you go after a new relationship right away you'll find that you're just trying to replace the old one. to be completely blunt, you'll take anyone you can get. it sounds awful and i'm sure you're not that kind of girl, but really, it happens to the best of us. spend time right now bettering yourself and becoming the best version of you, and the right guy will practically come running.

  5. I'm no dating pro... so take my advice with a grain of salt. I think playing hard to get is ridiculous. You need to be straightforward. Just have fun, and the person who you need will come along. Patience, though it sucks, is key to dating. If you make sure that you are being yourself in all dating situations, then you will be fine.


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