Thursday, December 8, 2011

completely obnoxious no title post

hey guys guess what? 

i finished my first semester of college today. 
okay, well kind of. 
i still have my two finals next week, 
but class is fin. (that means finished) i like to shorten words. 
i would say it was a great success. 
minus the 8 o'clock math class. 
i passed that, but i made it on time 50% of the time. 
i do not recommend an 8 o'clock class ever. 
yes, you may have gotten up for high school, 
but you WILL not get up for college. 
next semester, night classes. could be dangerous. 
but i choose not to think about that for three weeks. 

it's been a he is we sort of day. 
i sang loudly in my car
people probably thought i was crazy. 
i wish i could actually sing well. 
also, i enjoy the song pumped up kicks. 

do you know what a hilarious show is? 
how i met your mother. 
my goodness, hysterical. 
it's legendary, 
also, bones, not so hilarious, slightly funny, 
but rather entertaining
david boranez is nice to look at.  

can you believe how close christmas is?
i miss being a child. 
christmas seemed a lot more fun 
when santa clause existed.
i wear my adorable blue pea coat most days. 
cause it's freezing. 
i hate it.

i enjoyed the afternoon in a kindergarten class. 
oh those children, they are simply splendid. 
i can't wait until i have my own classroom. 

i'm out of things to say
but i due to my ocd, 
i have to finish on this side. 
don't ask questions. 
i'm slightly crazy. 
it's fine. 
the end. 

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  1. morning classes are death. and night classes aren't much better. especially when they are three hours long. okay so maybe they're a little better. i just hate mornings. sadly i have an 8:30 class three times a week next semester. i hope i can fore mysel to go. himym! thank you netflix for finally streaming it. i just started watching it this week and i'm already through season one and onto season two. obsessed much? obviously. kindergartners are THE BEST! i had a class this past semester where i spend one day a week with kindergartners and i loved it entirely. especially outside time. tag every day was the best.


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