Saturday, December 10, 2011

for your entertainment.

once upon a time, this boy came home from his mission. it was a magical time for all those involved, especially this specific girl. oh wait, that's me..

the first time we spent time together in two years was splendid. it was the night after he returned home to the united states. he spoke german words, i gave him funny looks. (he still does that, i still give him funny looks) he played his guitar and i soaked it up. but this isn't what this story is about. as embarrassing as this is, i couldn't resist sharing it.

we were talking in his kitchen. he was leaning against the counter, i was standing in front of him. considering i had been a basketcase for the last week, my nerves were uncontrollable. i started feeling really dizzy and like i was going to throw up. i was concerned at this point. explaining to him of my sudden dizziness i suggested that we go and sit down. as i turned around and started to walk away, well i don't know what happened next... because i fainted.

next thing you know, i'm on his kitchen floor and i saw him sitting next to me and i was all sorts of confused. i forgot that he had come home and i thought he was supposed to be on his mission, i thought i was dreaming. i than proceeded to ask him if i fell asleep. i guess i like to nap on the kitchen floor? i don't know why i asked that. he explained that i passed out.

awesome. haven't seen the boy in two years and this is what happens. i wanted to crawl in a hole and die. i believe my reasoning for said incident is i was nervous, hadn't eaten anything since lunch and  i think i locked my knees when we were talking. results, me on his kitchen floor.

so embarrassing. he likes to tease me about it these days. but hilarious right?

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  1. pretty funny... & sad... all in one! hahah! I love hearing about you & your missionary! keep telling us more! love your cute blog.

    annie, enter my giveaway!


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