Tuesday, December 20, 2011

happy almost new year.

so the new year isn't for ten more days, 
but i figure with the changes already taking place 
why not start the resolutions early. 
it's my blog, i can do as i please. 

1. be more open to meet new people.
this is something that i struggle with 
like any human being, i get rather insecure 
and like to stick with the norm. 
i don't go out of my way to meet new people. 
that is going to change. 

2. i need to stop swearing. 
it's awful. i swear like a sailor. 

3. stop spending my money. 
i have an addiction to shopping. 
it must stop. 

4. be a frequent temple goer. 
my here and there visits aren't going to cut it. 
once a week. done and done. 

5. learn from my mistakes, 
grow from my trails, &
move on from the past. 
i think this one speaks for itself. 
i don't want to be that girl that wallows in self pitty. 
i won't let myself. it's time to move on. 
it kills me to say, but i think i am ready. 
lets do this. i can do this. 

you know that movie, new years eve? with all the celebrities? i give it a b-. it's good, but i wouldn't see it again in the theater. i cried throughout the entire feature presentation. those inspirational speeches really get to you when you're in a state of heart break. hence the list above. also, this song, it's probably my new favorite. yes, it is indeed the new years song, but tell me it's not great. that's what i thought. i suggest putting it on repeat. 

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