Monday, January 30, 2012


i have a strict getting ready routine. 
if one thing is out of place it throws everything off kilter. 

if i could choose one talent, 
it would be to sing well. 

my #1 childhood fear was a stranger in my house 
that wasn't welcome...i still have that fear. 

it gives me anxiety when the finger nail polish chips. 

if you are in the middle of saying something, 
and than say never mind.
it will eat me alive until you tell me what it was. 
and i will bug you until you tell me. 

i relate my life story to a different song everyday. 

i have this odd desire to receive flowers at work. 

i literally have the fear of wasting a good outfit 
on an insignificant day. 
i'm such a girl. 

i slept with my baby blanket  
up until my jr year of high school. 

i will procrastinate until the last moment. 

my closet has to be organized,
hangers the same way, shoes put away 
but my room can  be a disaster. 

i find my bed a lot more comfy when it's not made.

i've never seen goonies.
apparently that's a big deal. 

i doodle the same perfect over and over. 
a house, with a tree. 
i'm loud when i know you. 
i'm shy if i don't. 


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