Saturday, February 4, 2012

a first date.

well, oy. 
let the dating begin. 
tonight will be my first date since the break-up. 
it's a blind one. this make three in my life time. all within a year. 
i'm real nervous. 
first dates...
i'd prefer the fifteenth date. 
you know where everything is comfortable?
i'm scared to open up. 
i may have cried a little bit this morning. 
i worry it's too soon. 
or in reality i'm not ready for this. 
but i won't really know until i date right?

i frantically shopped yesterday looking for something to wear. 
when i have dates i shop. 
it's therapeutic. 
than i don't stress about what i'll wear twenty minutes before he comes. 
it's been a habit since i was 16. 

i have no idea what the happenings of this date are. 
just to be ready at 7 o'clock. 

here goes nothing. 

oh did i mention, 
he's 30 freaking years old. 


  1. I'm going on a first date tonight too! I agree with the 15th date thing.. if only all the awkward could be done with. Good luck and I hope you have fun!! (:


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