Saturday, February 25, 2012

living essentials.

in 19(ish) days i will be living on my own. 
this is exciting. 
and rather terrifying. 

mother and i ventured to ikea today. 
it was too stressful. 
shopping for plates is not nearly as fun as shopping for clothes.
i don't know what i need really. 
i have this fear that i am going to need something basic like scissors and not have any. 

18 piece dinner ware: check
10 piece tupperware: check
pillows for cute decor: check

so far my apartment life consists of those items. 

i have a list started. 
organizational units of sorts. 
full length mirror. 

i feel like i am missing things though. 
those who have journeyed outside their parents homes. 
please HELP! 
what did you bring? what was useful? what wasn't? 
what were your secrets? 
i could really use all the advice in the world right now. 


  1. broom and dust pan.
    make your mom get you a costco sized thing of toilet paper.
    LABEL EVERYTHING. if you have roommates, they will "forget" that it's yours
    laundry soap and stuff.
    hand soap

  2. shower curtain. the first time i moved out i went to take a shower and didn't have a curtain. also don't forget the rings to hang it on.
    mostly just be prepared to go to walmart many many times that first week.

  3. lots of toilet paper, towels, and a shower curtain. get a big fat laundry basket. don't underestimate the power of snack foods kept under your bed or on your desk. toothpaste. a pan to cook ramen in.

  4. Honestly, I would suggest waiting until you move in to figure out what you need to buy. When I moved out I had a bunch of stuff and ended up having duplicates with my roommates. Don't be nervous about moving out. I love living on my own. Where are you moving to?

  5. pot holders.
    scotch tape - i promise you'll need it a lot.
    duct tape - ditto the scotch tape comment.
    lint brush
    sharpies and labels
    DEFINITELY a broom and dustpan. often times, i found myself doing all the kitchen cleaning. I would go to walmart and put together a whole cleaning cady of rags and cleaners.

  6. Moving out was a huge adjustment for me. It's so good for you but everyone does it differently! & that's OKAY. :) Take care of yourself and what you need. No one is the same. Label everything. Bring your favorite blanket. Toilet paper long enough to wrap around the world 6 times. I would wait till you set everything up to see what storage containers to get. But you will need them. Your favorite recipies from home. annnnnd food. and courage. Tv's are nice too if you have access to one. Make your bed the most comfy place in the world.

  7. Toilet Paper is definitely a must and I've found that the random things i used at home and didn't realize i wouldn't have like a wooden spoon, a can opener, really big spoons for mixing things, and cleaning supplies. And relax, you're not moving to alaska, home is always just around the corner. I go home more then I would care to admit.


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