Saturday, February 11, 2012

a night of festivities

sometimes i win a superbowl bet (thank you giants for winning) and get a fantastic date out of it. (i know right, be excited two dates in two weekends.) however, this date last night, the most spectacular date this girl has ever been on.

it started in the late afternoon when this lovely gent knocked on my door at approximately 4:30.  and let me tell ya, he looked handsome. we headed to salt lake for an evening of festivities. take note, i had no idea what he had up his sleeve. people like to test my patience and not tell me things. it's the worst.

first one the list: dinner. seeing as parking is literally impossible in salt lake we parked at the trusty gateway and walked our way to said destination. still had no idea where we were headed. a few blocks later and a bit of confusion we arrived at a little restaurant. it was a quaint german restaurant. i will admit it, i was rather skeptical about the purple cabbage, food normally isn't purple. but it was delicious. really sweet but none the less it was good. it was quite the cultural event.   

salt lake has some great sites to see. whilst on our walk we ran into many types of people and a buddist temple. okay, i don't know about you but i don't see those every day and i was excited. said date thought i was crazy. its fine, thats why we get along.

after dinner we headed to the trusty temple square. we had some time to kill apparently and what better way than to walk around temple square. goodness that place is beautiful. i can't wait to go inside someday.

wait! before we made it temple square we admired the little shops up and down the road. the date found one he was particularly fond of. in fact he didn't stop talking about it the whole evening. something about really nice ties. i don't know. i guess it's like girls and shoes.

after making our way back to the gateway we did some real shopping and laughed quite a bit. time quickly ran out and our next destination was about to start.

at the clark planetarium- i was slightly confused by this at first but i trusted his plans. which turned out to be a wise decision on my part. we witnessed what it would be like to live in the 60's via the dome theater with a little bit of U2. i highly recommend it. unless you get motion sickness than it's not such a great idea. we sang our little hearts out and danced to the music. i'm pretty sure we got some funny looks from the other spectators but who cares. we had fun.

we had one last stop. he kept talking about this bakery all night long. i was expecting cupcakes. there were none. but my goodness the choices were out of this world. if i could remember the name i would highly suggest going there. they have passion fruit cheesecake and red velvet cake and cookies every where. if i worked there i'd be at least 500 pounds. he got cheese cake, i got some strawberry and whipped cream sandwich delicacy (it was rather difficult to eat) we also got many chocolate strawberries. i think i tasted a little bit of heaven. just saying.

our time in salt lake came to an end and we ventured back to lindon where we laughed of the evenings festivities and exchanged the thank yous- you know thanks for the date, thanks for being my date type stuff. but the not awkward kind. it really helps when your date is someone you have known forever.

safe to say, it will be hard to top that date. i should win superbowl bets more often.

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  1. aw that's cute! we love salt lake for that reason. was that bakery Gourmandise, perhaps? the passion fruit cheesecake is my favorite.


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