Monday, February 13, 2012

that one love holiday.

hey guys guess what?
it's valentines day tomorrow.
how do we feel about valentines day?

i see it like this. 
it's a good holiday to remind those in your life that you love them. 
regardless of who they are, i think it's important. 

i've had two very memorable valentines days.
the first was my sophomore year, candle light homemade dinner and a kiss for getting a strike while bowling. all with a handsome boy.
the second, last year. you can read about it here. oh how that was so hard not to open that letter before valentines day. but it was worth the wait.

i loved it as a child. 
there was nothing like making a mail box 
for cards and candy. 
mostly the candy, lets be honest here. 

i don't have any special plans tomorrow. 
perhaps a date with season five of friends. 
maybe i'll treat myself to some ice cream. 
i won't receive flowers or a love poem.
and that's okay. 
there are so many people in my life 
that i am grateful for and love. 
and i feel truly blessed for that. 

i wish you all a lovely love holiday. 
may it be filled with chocolate hearts and sparkly things. 
did you just gag a little bit? 
good i did too. 
that was a tad too mushy. 

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