Monday, March 19, 2012


i've learned a few things about myself in nineteen years.

i am in no way a domestic person. (making pillows for my apartment took too many hours. it's really embarrassing actually)

i cry all too often. it happens. when i am over joyed or over stressed i cry.

i am a people pleaser and with that i don't like confrontation. i secretly hope that it will eventually go away without my bringing it up.

i fear getting hurt like most people do, but recently it's become a increasing fear. part of the reason i moved out is so that i can break the fear before i end up an 80 year old women alone.

i will never be model thin. i am a curvy girl and i know it. i have accepted it.

i attach to the norm very quickly.

i'm not a party girl. big groups make me nervous. small gatherings are best for my comfort level.

i've been in love once. it changed my life forever.

i don't date all that often. i don't know how to play dating games in fact. i probably come off a little strong.

i am just me. i am annie. i am a 19 year old girl who isn't quite sure about most things. but that is what life is all about right? figuring out who you REALLY are.


  1. I'm totally with you. I hate big parties. I hate the singles scene. I just like being in a relationship, not hanging out. I hope you're enjoying the apartment cute girl1

  2. i relate to every single of one of those. sometimes some of them are tough, but what can ya do? its just who you are. the big challenge is learning to live with it.


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