Wednesday, March 14, 2012

uncertainty and excitement.

i picked that little guy up today. 
i visited my home for the next five months. 
im freaking out. 
it's all becoming a reality. 
i am thrilled. 
i'm nervous. 
i'm sad. 
i'm ready. 

i keep asking myself the question, what are you doing? 
but it's time for me to do this. 

i'm gonna miss seeing my mama and daddy everyday. 
i'm gonna miss not paying rent. 
i'm gonna miss my puppies. 
i'm gonna miss my large bed. 
i'm gonna miss this place i call home. 

i don't know how you can become attached to such an object 
like a house, but i have. 
we built this place. we are the only family that has ever lived here. 
it's the perfect home. 
i loved growing up here. 

here's to an upcoming adventure. 
i'll post more pictures soon. 

i'm waiting for the tears, they will come. 

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  1. Moving out will be the best time of your life if you make it that way... enjoy it!


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