Friday, April 6, 2012

apartment 59.

i realized i have yet to document about my apartment adventures. to say the least, it is delightful.

true, my bed is a twin-i haven't had that small of a bed since i was 8. that was the quite the adjustment. 

i cook nothing. my diet consists of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and yogurt. i munch on pretzels, wheat thins or goldfish, occasionally a frozen pizza. 

i have my very own room. with a decent size closet. i have room for all clothing items. its great. 

we have a washer and dryer. holler to saving quarters. 

underground parking is wonderful for snowy mornings such as today. 

my commute to work has decreased leaving ten more minutes for sleeping. 

the apartment smells like spring flowers. its great. 

and not to mention i have the best roommates. 

we watch friends for all hours of the night. (obviously it's the best cause we all know my love for friends)
or talk about our love lives, or lack there of. it's all the same. 

definitely a fan of this having my own apartment. it's real fun. 

perhaps someday i will post pictures. 

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