Saturday, April 14, 2012

i may have reached pathetic.

but i certainly do not care.

titanic round two: just as good the first time in theaters. i cried. it's marvelous in the big screen. it's even better in 3D.

come on now, who wouldn't love to look at that lovely face for three and a half hours? i could look at him all day. obviously he is my celebrity lobster. (only you friends fans would understand that one.) at one point, i said if i could spend one day with anyone it would be john mayer. well mr mayer, you have been replaced to leo. he's just a delight.

i have this goal: see titanic in theaters as many times as possible. being five years old when it came out i didn't have that opportunity and now i am going to take full advantage of that. any takers for round three?

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  1. pick me! no one wants to go because it's too girly. i'm jenna by the way, i check out your blog and admire you.


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